Huitalk, so what does it mean? Well the name originates from two different languages. ‘Hui’ is a Maori word meaning ‘to gather together’ or ‘to meet together’ and the English word ‘talk’. This is what our community is all about, meeting new people to talk.

We wanted a name that reflected what the community was for, both in meaning and concept. While we tried our best to make sure it did not mean anything bad in other languages, we truly apologise if it does. Hopefully you will be able to take your language and connect it with someone elses.

Ben Wilding has many years language learning behind him and is still studying. He found French and German very difficult in School and believed that he would never be able to learn a language. Luckily that changed.

Following a years charity work in Thailand he found that he loved the people culture and language and decided to study the country further. He returned to England and went to The School of Oriental and African Studies in London to study Thai and Korean. During his degree he spent a year studying in Seoul, South Korea at Korea University.

After successfully completing his studies at the University of London he joined forces with his old friend from Thailand and university, Neil Cameron, to develop Huitalk. Over the years Ben spent studying languages he developed a good understanding of how difficult it can be to learn a language but also how to make it easier.

It was a desire to make language learning easier for others that Ben and Neil chose to develop Huitalk. Ben hopes that the service and community that Huitalk develops and offers will be a great help to many people around the world. If you wish to learn more about Ben why not take a look at his profile here.

Neil Cameron never considered himself to be a ‘language person’, his experience with French and German and secondary school re-enforced this belief. When he was 18 he spent a year living and working in rural Thailand and caught the language learning bug, badly. Six months into his time in Thailand he politely declined the opportunity to study biochemistry at Edinburgh and instead accepted an offer to study Thai Language and Religious Studies at SOAS, London. During his time at SOAS he spent a further one year at a university in Thailand.

After graduation, he felt the need to do something constructive and spent one year working in a leading management consultancy firm. He quickly realized that although it was an immensely valuable experience, it did not offer the opportunities which really motivated and excited him. He decided to take up the challenge of learning a new language, living in a new country and focus on developing Huitalk whilst he re-assesses his future.

Neil is currently living in Madrid, teaching English, learning Spanish and coding Huitalk. Prior to living in Madrid he was living and working Buenos Aires, Argentina for six months. When he is not working Neil enjoys nothing better than a good fight (Aikido, Brazilian Ju-jitsu, Muay Thai) and dancing very badly (salsa). If you want to know more about Neil, contact him or buy him a drink, then take a look at his profile here.

Credits. The creation of this site has been made possible by the help of many people. We would like to thank: