Using Vocabularies on Huitalk

Vocabularies are a powerful way to store and practice the words you learn everyday. This a brief guide to using them.

Looking at Vocabs

There are two ways you can see vocabs. The first way is to see everyone’s vocabs and search for specific ones you want to see. This is great if you want to see, for example, all the French-English vocabs and then test yourself on them. To see all vocabs go here:

To see all of your own vocabs go here:

When you are looking at vocabs, the first view you have is the standard view, a list of all the word pairs. If this is your set you can add vocab pairs to it here.

There are two ways of testing yourself on the vocab. You can access these by using the tabs at the top of the page.

Flashcards will show you one side of the card and then you can reveal the other side. Use the controls at the top to move through the cards. You can show the other side first by clicking on ‘Switch Card Sides’ at the top.

Typecheck will give you a textbox which you have to complete with the other word pair. If the answer is wrong you will have to enter it again. Clicking the hint button will reveal one letter at a time.

Remember! Everyone can see vocabs but only members may use the flashcards and typecheck features.

Creating Vocabs

Each member can create an unlimited number of vocabs. The idea is that you can create specialised vocabs. For example, one user learning French and Spanish could have the following vocabs:

  • French – English (general)
  • Spanish – English (general)
  • Spanish – English (business words)
  • French – English (lliterature words)

You could even have one vocabulary for one translation piece, so your word lists are nicely organised.

To create a new vocab set go to:

Here you need to add the subject (i.e what languages), an introduction (a small note about the vocab set) and then which languages will be on the front and back of the cards. After you have created the set click on the link which says ‘Add a vocabulary pair to this set’. When you create a new vocab set you will receive 5 huipoints.

And there you have it, we hope you enjoy using vocabularies.